Forest Stay Focused 3.20.5

Forest Stay Focused is an app that helps you stop looking at your smartphone constantly, so you can be more present and focused. It works in a very simple way: you can ‘plant a seed’ on your Android, and it will grow to become a tree as long as your screen stays off. But if you unlock the screen of your Android, you’ll kill the growing plant.
Before planting this seed you can choose exactly which kind of tree you want to grow. The longer you wait, the taller and healthier it will become. You can also plant bushes, which take only 10 to 15 minutes to grow. Whatever you choose to plant, each tree or bush represents a period of time in which you commit not to look at your phone.

Each time you grow a plant successfully, you receive coins as a reward. With these coins you can then unlock new trees for your forest. You can even unlock bird nests and other nice details.

Forest Stay Focused is an excellent app for those who suffer from smartphone addiction and can’t stop looking at their screens all the time.

Requires Android 4.2 or higher

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