Lep’s World android game

Lep’s World is very similar to the Super Mario Bros platformers, but instead of playing the legendary Italian plumber created by Nintendo, in this game you’ll control a little leprechaun in search of all his lost coins.

The level design is reminiscent of the Nintendo game, and there are even some parts that are practically identical. It’s the same with the enemies, though instead of traditional goombas, you’ll have some animals that act very similar. Likewise, you’ll also see turtles and plants emerging from pipes….

Lep’s World has a good amount of content, with several different worlds and more than 50 levels. Some of the levels, especially the first, are just basic tests, but the more advanced levels are terribly difficult. That said, at least the control system is quite accurate.

Lep’s World is a very entertaining game with decent graphics, online leaderboards, an achievements system, and everything needed to keep you glued to your Android device for some time. It’s not terribly original, but it’s not bad, either

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