Spotify for Android

Spotify for Android is a great application that will allow you to download all of your music from a computer directly to your mobile phone.
With this small application you will be able to listen to thousands of albums and different music, select the music you want, and create your own playlists which you can listen to without having an internet connection.

The only drawback is that to benefit from this music you will need to have a premium account on this application, which also eliminates all advertisements, and will allow you to listen to our music anytime and anywhere.
Spotify for Android is, without any doubts, a must have application for the premium users of the famous online music service.
Discover all the details about the songs you’re playing on Spotify with Genius.A year ago, Genius and Spotify signed an agreement to set up a display of song lyrics as well as the stories and curiosities behind them. A collaboration where we users stood the most to gain. It was a shame that the feature was exclusive to iOS, though … until yesterday, when “Behind the Lyrics” landed in the Android ecosystem.

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Spotify for Android

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