The best way to manage your 4shared account

4shared is the official app download service of the same name, thanks to which you can manage your user account, search through the database of the platform for files, and download any of them at any time.

Some of the management options include the ability to change your data; to copy, rename, or delete a file; and to upload any file from your mobile phone account. Of course, you can also download and even listen to music you have already uploaded.

One of the most interesting parts of the application is the ability to synchronize all of your pictures with your 4shared account. You can activate the option for this service to start uploading them automatically every time you have wifi access.

In addition to all these management options, 4shared will give you access to over thirty million public files uploaded by different users, which are easy to get a hold of. To do so, just use the search option to find the file you want and you can start downloading it.

4shared is a very useful tool for users of this service. With this application, you can manage all of your files in the cloud seamlessly from a simple and easy-to-use interface.

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